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Texas Officer Shot in Head Showing Signs of Recovery

An officer with the Denton (TX) Police Department who was shot in the head and leg last week is getting incrementally better every day, according to Chief Frank Dixon, who spoke with reporters during a fundraiser for the wounded officer.

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Dallas PD, Motorola Launch Pilot Program to Increase Community and Officer Safety

The Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas, and Motorola Solutions have announced the launch of a six-month pilot program that will connect cameras at local businesses to the Department's Real-Time Crime Center to facilitate collaboration.

Texas Law Now Allows K-9 Handlers to Adopt Retiring Police Dogs

Voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that allows dogs, horses or other law enforcement animals to be adopted at no cost by their handlers or other “qualified” caretakers.

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Thoughts on some of the law enforcement news that came across our computers in October.

Video: 7-Year-Old Honorary Officer Succumbs to Cancer, Texas Police Escort Her to Funeral Home

Before noon dozens of officers gathered their patrol vehicles to transport the little girl's body to the funeral home. When they arrived they offered her a prayer and a salute.

Texas Proposition 10 Would Allow Agencies' Handlers to Adopt Retired K-9s

"As they get older and more and more used to the families that they're around, these dogs, they're like a pet, and they love their handlers and their families," said Skinner, who is also the chairman of the legislative committee for the Sheriffs' Association of Texas. "So why not give them the ability if they're qualified to be a caretaker for their dog?"

North Carolina Officer Struck by Suspect Vehicle Treated and Released

An officer with the Fletcher (NC) Police Department who had responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in a grocery store parking lot on Tuesday evening suffered minor injuries when the driver of that car attempted to flee the area.

Texas Officer Shot at Traffic Stop, in Critical Condition

An officer with the Denton (TX) Police Department is listed in critical condition and had to undergo surgery after he was shot at a traffic stop.

Texas Officer Shoots His Own Son, Mistaking Him for Intruder

An off-duty officer with the Dallas Police Department was entering his home when he encountered a man he thought to be an intruder. He opened fire without realizing that the man was his own son.

Texas Department Warns of THC-Laced Halloween Candy

The Edinburg (TX) Police Department has issued a warning to local parents and guardians that they should be on the lookout for THC-laced candy on Halloween.