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Suicide by Cop

FL Deputy Pleaded with Suspect to "Show Hands" Before Fatal Shooting

In late July, "Scott's mother called HCSO when he left a note at her home claiming he wanted to die via suicide by cop," the sheriff's office said.

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Preparing for the Prospect of a "Suicide by Cop" Incident

Accept the fact that a suicide-by-cop incident could happen to you on any call on every shift you work.

Gunman Yelled "Kill Me" Before Being Fatally Shot by Nebraska Police

An armed man was fatally shot by officers with the Omaha (NE) Police Department during a domestic call on Tuesday evening.

Florida Deputy Shot, Wounded at Call of Suicidal Subject

A deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office was wounded in a gunfight with a suspect during a call of a suicidal subject at a home on Wednesday afternoon.

Video: California Officers Talk Man Out of Suicide by Cop

The Fontana (CA) Police Department released video this week showing its officers de-escalating a situation in which a man may have been trying to commit suicide-by-cop in late November.

Video: GA Officers Plead with Knife-Wielding Man for Minutes Before Fatal Shooting

The video shows the man charged one of the officers and attacked him before the fatal shooting. One officer was injured in the attack.

Was the Stephon Clark Shooting a "Suicide by Cop?"

The night before the fatal officer-involved shooting, Clark reportedly started searching the Internet for "easiest ways to kill yourself." He also sent a text to his girlfriend that included a photo of 10 pills in his hand and the message: "Let's fix our family or I'm taking all of these."

Minnesota Police Shoot, Kill Reportedly Suicidal Knife-Wielding Man

Officers from Stillwater, Bayport, and Oak Park Heights all responded to the incident, finding the man carrying the knife. One officer deployed a TASER, then another opened fire with a sidearm.

Pennsylvania Police Shoot, Wound, Apparently Suicidal Gun-Wielding Subject

Police in Philadelphia responded to a call of a man wielding a gun on Tuesday evening, arriving at the scene to find 66-year-old Patrick McGuinn on his front porch with a gun in his hand.

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Military Veteran Fatally Shot by Police in Suspected "Suicide by Cop" Incident

When responding officers arrived to the man's home on Saturday afternoon, they found the man hiding in some bushes in the backyard of the home, naked and armed with a handgun.