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police and kids

Michigan Officer Saves Life of 3-Week-Old Baby Who Had Stopped Breathing

Officer Cameron Maciejewski of the Sterling Heights (MI) Police Department saved the life of a choking three-week-old baby girl late last week.

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Detroit Police Officers Mentor Local Teens at Public Schools

Officers with the Detroit Police Department are mentoring young people at six local area high schools in an effort to create better relationships, and to help teens navigate their pathway toward adulthood.

Off-Duty New York Officer Saves Young Girl from Drowning in Pool

An off-duty officer with the Clarkstown (NY) Police Department leaped into action when he saw a small girl in danger of drowning over the Independence Day weekend.

Georgia Officer Pays for Uber Fare for Woman Stranded at Roadside

An officer with the Duluth (GA) Police Department who had come upon a woman and child walking down a rural road early Tuesday morning made a call to a car service so that they could safely get to a relative's house after their car broke down.

Missouri Deputy Rescues Toddler Stuck in Muddy Pond

Deputies with the Johnson County (MO) Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a missing toddler on Monday and located the two-year-old girl near a pond, safely delivering her back to her family unharmed.

Oregon Officer Saves Infant from Burning Home

An officer with the Astoria (OR) Police Department is being heralded as a hero for his quick actions late last week that are now only becoming public knowledge.

California Officer Rescues Toddlers after Father Drives Off Cliff

An officer with the San Diego Police Department is being heralded as a hero for saving two toddlers from a vehicle that was driven by their father over a cliff near the Coronado Bridge on Saturday morning.

Louisiana Officer Lauded for Buying Boy a Bicycle to Replace Stolen One

An officer with the Sulphur (LA) Police Department was recently hailed on a local television news program for doing something he likely never thought would become part of a public dialog—a simple act of kindness for a young boy who wanted a bicycle but whose family could not easily afford the purchase.

Houston Police Officer Comforts 5-Year-Old Girl at Protest

An officer with the Houston Police Department was captured on cell phone video comforting a 5-year-old girl during a protest last week.

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Massachusetts State Police K-9 Locates 2 Missing Girls

A trooper with the Massachusetts State Police and K-9 Caber were able to successfully locate and return to safety two teens—aged 13 and 14 years old—who had gone missing early Saturday morning.