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Video: Denver Officer Gets Into Epic Break-Dance Battle with Young Boy

An officer with the Denver Police Department was captured on mobile phone video engaging in a dance-off with a third-grade boy over the weekend, and the video quickly went viral on social media.

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Officers Escort Son of Colleague Who Died of Cancer to First Day of School

Officers with the West Palm Beach (FL) Police Department took time on Monday to escort the son of a colleague who succumbed to cancer last year to his first day of Kindergarten.

8-Year-Old Pennsylvania Girl Weaves Wristbands to Honor Police Officers

An eight-year-old girl from Lebanon County, PA, visited three Philadelphia Police Department districts on Monday with the aim of delivering to them blue and black bracelets she made by hand to honor police officers.

Missouri Youth Football Team Choose "Thin Blue Line" Uniforms

The Harrisonville (MO) Police Department is celebrating the decision made by its local little league football team to wear uniforms representing their respect for law enforcement.

Officers Transport Flood-Stranded Daycare Kids to Parents in Armored Vehicle

Officers with the Summerville (SC) Police Department saw that there was an imminent danger to kids at a local daycare facility who were attempting to get to their parents through a street flooded with rainwater.

Montana Department to Host Back-to-School Event Emphasizing Safety and School Supplies

Officers with the Cut Bank (MT) Police Department will soon host the fifth annual "Kids Day in the Park" event, using the occasion to emphasize school safety and give free backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need.

3 Pennsylvania Kids Raise Money for Officers' Ballistic Vest

Three nine-year-old friends in Pennsylvania have taken it upon themselves to raise money for their local police department to be able to acquire ballistic vests for their officers.

7-Year-Old Texas Girl Battling Cancer Honored by New York Officers

She dreams of growing up to become a police officer but suffers from an incurable form of kidney cancer.

Off-Duty NC Deputy Rescues Boy's Puppy from Well

The deputy, identified as B. Heath, jumped out of his truck and had Trey's dad hold his feet and lower him into the well. He was able to pull Riley to safety.

Wyoming K-9 Unit Locates Missing 4-Year-Old Boy

When a 4-year-old boy in Sweetwater County, Wyoming wandered from his yard while playing with the family's dogs, the mother called 911 to get help locating him.