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Officers Dragged by Vehicles

Pennsylvania Officer Injured Attempting to Reach Into Suspect Vehicle

An officer with the Ross Township (PA) Police Department was injured after attempting to reach into the car at a traffic stop to turn off the engine when the subject suddenly attempted to drive away.

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Texas Officers Apprehend Assailant Who Struck an Officer with Vehicle

An officer with the McAllen (TX) Police Department was struck, pinned, and then dragged by a suspect in a vehicle as another officer opened fire on the assailant.

Iowa Officer Dragged by Vehicle Treated for Minor Injuries

An officer with the Washington (IA) Police Department was dragged by a vehicle for several blocks by a vehicle that had been stopped for not displaying license plates shortly after midnight on Saturday night.

Texas Officer Struck and Dragged by Suspect Vehicle

An officer with the Garland (TX) Police Department was struck and dragged by a vehicle after being called to a retail store that reported a man brandishing firearms and threatening shoppers present.

South Dakota Officer Dragged by Vehicle Expected to be OK

An officer with the Sioux Falls (SD) Police Department who was dragged by a car driven by a juvenile subject early Sunday morning is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

Kentucky Officer Dragged by Vehicle from Traffic Stop

A Kentucky man is facing several charges—including attempted murder of a police officer—after attempting to escape from a traffic stop late Tuesday.

2 North Carolina Deputies Injured After Being Dragged by Vehicle

Two deputies with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office are recovering from injuries after being dragged by a man in a vehicle early Tuesday morning in eastern Rowan County.

Georgia Officer Injured as Motorist Flees Traffic Collision

Officer Teets saw smoke coming from the vehicle and ran over to give assistance. The driver, who appeared unconscious, suddenly regained consciousness and reportedly began driving away from the scene. Officer Teets' arm became caught in the door, resulting in injuries.

Chicago Officer Struck and Dragged by Vehicle at Traffic Stop

An officer with the Chicago Police Department was struck and dragged by a vehicle at a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

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Video: New York Trooper Dragged by Vehicle

Video has surfaced showing a trooper with the New York State Police being dragged by a vehicle as he was attempting to conduct a traffic stop in 2017.