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Officer Heroism

Off-Duty New York Officer Saves Young Girl from Drowning in Pool

An off-duty officer with the Clarkstown (NY) Police Department leaped into action when he saw a small girl in danger of drowning over the Independence Day weekend.

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Washington Police Rescue Woman from River

Officers with the Aberdeen Police Department rescued a woman from rushing rapids in a river on Sunday morning.

Florida Police Officers Rescue Person from Burning Structure

Officers with the Miami-Dade Police Department were among the very first on scene of a fire in a dwelling in which a victim was suspected to still be inside.

California Officer Uses Narcan to Save Life of Overdose Victim

An officer with the Santa Barbara Police Department saved a life Monday afternoon after discovering a 32-year-old subject not breathing.

Oregon Officer Saves Infant from Burning Home

An officer with the Astoria (OR) Police Department is being heralded as a hero for his quick actions late last week that are now only becoming public knowledge.

California Officer Rescues Toddlers after Father Drives Off Cliff

An officer with the San Diego Police Department is being heralded as a hero for saving two toddlers from a vehicle that was driven by their father over a cliff near the Coronado Bridge on Saturday morning.

Family Thanks Mississippi Officer for Taking Care of Elderly Relative

An officer with the Biloxi (MS) Police Department says he was "just doing his job" when he came to the aid of an elderly Louisiana woman and helped her return home safely to her family, but the family is showing gratefulness for the officer's actions.

Video: Off-Duty DC Officer Pulls Man from Burning Vehicle

An off-duty officer with the Washington DC Metro Police Department was en route home after his shift when he came upon a vehicle wreck in suburban Maryland. He quickly leaped into action, extracting the driver from the burning pickup.

Off-Duty Texas Officer Saves Elderly Woman from Burning Home

On Sunday May 10, off-duty Lubbock, TX, police officer J.R. Wood, was returning home from working security at his church when he saw his neighbor’s house on fire.

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New York Officer Rescues Two People in One Shift

An officer with the Riverhead Police Department saved two individuals in a single shift over the weekend.