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attacks at home

7 Shots Hit Home of Married NJ Officers While They and Baby Were Inside

The officers and their 10-day-old baby were not injured. They were on the second floor at the time.

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OK Officer's Family Cat Killed, Mutilated Body Left Across Street

The officer and his family say they found their Bengal cat "Capone" cut into two pieces, gutted, and placed directly across the street from their home last weekend.

Protesters March on Seattle Chief's Home, Met by Armed Neighbors

According to a statement from Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney, Best was not at the residence at the time of the protest, but she described the visit as large, aggressive, and concerning to neighbors.

2 Men Found with Gasoline Can Outside Chicago Captain's Home

It was not clear if the men followed the captain home. But the neighborhood is known to be home to many CPD officers. The captain’s squad vehicle was parked outside the house.

Texas Deputy's Home and Car in Driveway Firebombed

On Monday night (Dec. 23), the sergeant, who has not been publicly identified, awoke to part of his house on fire. An investigation determined a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the front window of the home. No one was injured.

Off-Duty Idaho Tribal Officer Ambushed, Shot at Home

According to authorities, Officer Josh Rigney is doing well and remains stable in a local hospital. He was shot twice in the attack.

Arkansas Man Planned Attack on Officer, Family in July

Officer Andrew Napolitano was leaving his residence with his two children and was preparing to head to work when a man — later identified as 22-year-old Cody Ramsey — confronted him with a firearm.

Video: Off-Duty FL Officer Shot in His Driveway

Lt. Gary King was shot in the arm about 9:45 p.m. outside his home in Palmetto Bay, FL, after returning home from running errands. Two men stole his gun and fled.

Off-Duty FL Officer Shot in His Driveway

An off-duty Doral, FL, police officer was shot in his driveway late Tuesday by two men who stole his duty weapon and fled, police said. More Here.

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Shots Fired into TX Deputy's Home

Shots were fired into the Diana, TX, home of an Upshur County Sheriff's deputy and into her take-home patrol vehicle Saturday night. Some of the rounds fired into the home impacted near the deputy's child.