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Off-Duty Texas Deputy Shot, Wounded by Teen

A deputy with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office was shot in the abdomen as he confronted a teen who was attempting to break into his personally owned vehicle Saturday morning.

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TX Deputy Wounded in Face with Crossbow Bolt, Suspect Shot

A Sour Lake, TX, man reportedly shot a Hardin County deputy in the face with a crossbow Thursday morning. The deputy shot the man with a duty pistol.

TX Officer Shot and Killed During Pursuit, Suspect Dead

Cpl. Jose Espericueta tried to make contact with the suspect and the 33-year-old man ran away, police say. Espericueta and other officers pursued

Houston Chief Criticizes Judges, DA for Lenient Sentences for Violent Offenders

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo expressed frustration over the practice of deferred adjudication, in which defendants can plead guilty of a crime and be given a sentence of probation. When the probation period is successfully completed, the case is dismissed.

Suspect Shot Dead After Ramming Police Cruiser During Vehicle Pursuit

A man is dead after leading Texas police on a vehicle pursuit and ramming several police vehicles on Monday.

Houston Police Department Launches Spanish-Language Radio Show

The Houston Police Department has launched a Spanish-Language radio show as part of the programming lineup of a local Spanish-language Christian station.

Video: Active Shooter Killed by Federal Officers Outside Dallas Courthouse

Clyde's Facebook page reportedly featured rants about the U.S. government — including talking about Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians.

Texas Officer's Squad Car "Hijacked" by Aggressive Dog

An officer with the Kilgore (TX) Police Department was dispatched over the weekend on an animal control call of an aggressive Pitbull. Upon arriving at the scene and locating the animal, he attempted to put the dog in the back seat of his squad car but the animal had other ideas, instead taking up residence in the front seat of the vehicle.

Texas Motor Officer Struck by Vehicle Suffers Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

A motor officer with the Roman Forest (TX) Police Department was assisting in escorting a large load on a Montgomery County highway when he was struck and dragged by a pickup truck.

Texas Deputy Dies from Injuries Suffered in Serious Fall

According to ABC News, initial reports that Sergeant Keith Shepherd had been shot were inaccurate, with further investigation revealing that he had suffered a serious fall that caused substantial damage to his skull.