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Kentucky Officers Jokingly Cry Over Burned Doughnut Truck

The department's Facebook post featured officers crying over a Krispy Kreme truck that burned on the side of the road Monday. The caption read: "No words."

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South Carolina Deputies Use Humorous Facebook Post to Taunt Fugitive

Deputies with the Berkeley County (SC) Sheriff's Office used a little humor to let a man who ran from them late last week know that they're aware of his identity, and will probably have him in custody soon.

Louisiana Police Invite Drug Users to Bring Meth to Department for 'Testing'

The Harahan (LA) Police Department is attempting to get drug users in the area to bring their meth to the department for "testing."

Washington Police "Flirt" with Suspect Who Promised to Turn Himself in on Facebook

Anthony Akers, a 38-year-old who has a history of drug abuse and protection order violations, is presently wanted by the Washington Department of Corrections for Failure to Comply.

French Police Arrest 100 after Halloween Riots

Police in France arrested more than 100 people after gangs of masked youths stormed through Paris suburbs, following a message on social media calling for a 'purge' against police.

Court: Police Cannot Force Facebook to Wiretap Calls Via Messenger App

A U.S. District Judge in Fresno (CA) has ruled that law enforcement officials cannot compel Facebook to wiretap voice calls over its Messenger app.

Connecticut Police Officer Fired Over "Trigger Happy" Comment

The department said in a Facebook post that Officer Stephen Barone was fired "after the completion of internal investigations and a formal hearing process regarding charges related to his interaction with a group of people in August 2018 and his supervision of a traffic incident in July 2018."

Oregon City Ordered to Pay Officer Fired for Controversial Facebook Posts

The City of West Linn, OR, must pay at least $100,000 in back pay to former officer Tom Newberry, who was fired last year for controversial Facebook posts.

Cleveland Police Jokingly Issue Arrest Warrants for Referees Who "Stole" Win from Browns

"Robbery warrant issued for tonight's @Browns game @NFL 'officials'," the Cleveland Police said in a Tweet Sunday night. "Ok. We can't do that. Just sayin'," the Tweet concluded.

Lessons Learned

First and foremost, the recordings reveal that force is ugly. It is not the "one punch, hero wins, bad guy goes down," movie action the public has been conditioned to expect.