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Officer Mental Health

(Video) Overcoming Adversity and Preventing Suicide

Sgt. Steve Fish of the Racine (WI) Police Department discusses how he overcame adversity in his own life when he found himself in a bad place after he defeated cancer but saw both his parents pass away in a very short time span.

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New York Officer Reportedly Dies by Suicide

An off-duty officer with the Nassau County (NY) Police Department died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday.

NYPD to Mine Personnel Data in Effort to Prevent Officer Suicides

The New York Police Department plans to dive deeply into personnel data on all of its officers to examine on- and off-the-job problems that may lead to greater risk of suicide.

(Video) The Connection Between Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being

POLICE Magazine Contributing Web Editor Doug Wyllie sits down with Sgt. Steve Fish of the Racine (WI) Police Department to discuss how working out and being in good shape can help your mind and soul as well.

San Diego Seeks to Provide Confidential Mental Health Care to First Responders

A proposed new program would enable currently serving as well as retired first responders in San Diego to get confidential mental health services.

Off-Duty Chicago Officer Dies By Suicide in Forest Preserve

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the Northwest Side of the city on Monday evening.

Off-Duty California Officer Dies by Suicide

An off-duty officer with the Hayward (CA) Police Department was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at an area park on Saturday morning.

New Hampshire Department Announces Officer Suicide

The Nashua Police Department on Thursday announced that one of its officers completed suicide while visiting family in Seattle, Washington earlier this week.

Retired New York Officer Completes Suicide

A retired NYPD sergeant completed suicide early Wednesday morning. His wife discovered his body and reported it to local police.

Police Dreams

Why Are Officers' Dreams Mostly Bad and Often Stressful?