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Officer Heroism

San Francisco Officer Awarded for Off-Duty Heroism in Saving Drowning Boy

Officer Miguel Cortez was given the Distinguished Service Award by Sunnyvale DPS for saving the life of a boy who had fallen into a swimming pool.

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Off-Duty NY Officer Among Responders to Assist Family in Car Crash

An off-duty officer with the Westchester County Police Department was driving on an interstate highway when he noticed a vehicle being driven erratically and very slowly in the left lane.

NY Officers Rescue 3-Year-Old from Building Fire

Sergeant Christopher Cornell and Police Officer Joshua Sears were among a group of Albany police officers who responded to a working structure fire on Sunday.

Georgia Officer Delivers Baby at Gas Station

An officer with the Hazlehurst (GA) Police Department was called to a local gas station to assist in the delivery of a baby boy late last week.

Connecticut Officer Saves Couple from Burning Home

An officer with the Shelton (CT) Police Department has been credited with saving the lives of a couple whose home suffered extensive damage from an early-morning fire.

Pennsylvania Officer Saves Life of Newborn Baby on Mother's Day

An officer with the Millvale (PA) Police Department assisted in saving the life of a newborn baby boy at a local gas station on Mother's Day.

CA Officers Credited with Preventing Mass Shooting

The suspect allegedly wanted to kill more victims at South Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Village, making the officers' heroic actions that night even more important to the public's safety, according to South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler.

Teen Says CO Trooper Saved Her from Fiery Crash

Another truck barreled into the scene. “I heard it hit the cars and then saw all the fire, and heard the explosion. I was still on the phone with my mom, who thought she was listening to her daughter die,” Witter says.

Ohio Police Officer Delivers Baby Boy

An officer with the Cincinnati Police Department responded to a home early Thursday morning for a trouble call. Upon arrival he discovered that the trouble was the immediate impending arrival of a newborn baby.

Video: Louisiana Officer Saves Woman from Flooded Car

An officer with the Bastrop (LA) Police Department came upon a vehicle overtaken with flood waters with a woman trapped inside over the weekend and immediately took life-saving action.