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Officer Heroism

Off-Duty Maryland Officer Saves Couple from Burning Home

An off-duty police officer kicked in the front door of a burning home, entered the home and extracted a couple trapped inside.

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Alabama Officer Saves Woman from Vehicle Crashed into Lake

An officer with the Tuskegee University Police Department rescued a woman whose car crashed into a lake early Sunday morning.

Off-Duty Minnesota Officer Saves Toddler from Crashed Minivan

An officer with the Duluth (MN) Police Department is being lauded for his quick actions to rescue a toddler from a minivan that had crashed into a copse of trees late last week.

Ohio Officer Rescues 6-Year-Old Boy From House Fire

An officer with the Cleveland Heights (OH) Police Department is being hailed for his quick response to a house fire in which a six-year-old boy was trapped inside.

Missouri Officer Rescues 3-Year-Old Girl and Grandmother from House Fire

An officer with the Hazelwood (MO) Police Department is being credited with saving the lives of a 3-year-old girl and her grandmother from a house fire in a basement apartment late last week.

Off-Duty Officer Saves Man from Massive Home Explosion

An off-duty police officer was in the right place at the right time when a home in Ridgefield (NJ) suddenly exploded, leaving a man injured.

Ohio Officer Saves the Lives of Seven People in One Day

Officer Aaron Franklin freed six teens trapped in a storm drain being filled with rushing waters form a local creek. A short time later, he came upon an unconscious man who had crashed his truck into two cars; the officer administered Narcan and then performed CPR.

UK Officer Throws Herself in Front of Stolen Car to Save 10-Year-Old Boy

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Officer Sanya Shahid dove in front of a stolen vehicle during a police pursuit and saved the boy's life.

Video: Arizona Officer Talks Suicidal Man Out of Jumping from Bridge

An officer with the Chandler (AZ) Police Department saved a suicidal man from jumping off a bridge early Thursday morning.

Colorado Officers Credited with Saving Couple from Burning Home

Two officers with the Aurora (CO) Police Department are being credited with saving an elderly couple from a burning home late last week.