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K-9 Units

Oregon K-9 Struck by Hundreds of Porcupine Quills During Pursuit

A K-9 with the Coos County (OR) Sheriff's Office suffered serious injury when it was struck by hundreds of porcupine quills during a pursuit of a wanted subject over the weekend.

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Ohio Department Welcomes 2 New K-9s to the Ranks

The Mentor (OH) Police Department recently welcomed to its ranks two new K-9s, posting the news of their arrival on Facebook.

Chattanooga K-9 Unit Wins Awards at Regional Competition

The Chattanooga (TN) Police Department proudly posted to Facebook news that its K-9 team won "Overall Top Dog" at the United States Police Canine Association Region 22 Spring Trials.

Sheriff Says FL Deputy Shot in Head by Suspect Escaped Death by "Millimeter"

“A millimeter lower and Sgt. Dane is dead,” Chitwood told the media a few hours after the shooting during a news conference less than 100 yards from where the face-off took place on State Road 44.

A K-9 Unit Has Benefits for Police Departments and Communities Alike

A police K-9 unit is instrumental in myriad missions, including drug enforcement, search and rescue, fugitive apprehension, and of course, public relations. So when a K-9 is injured or killed, they are treated with nearly as much reverence and respect as when a police officer suffers a similar fate.

Wisconsin K-9 Stabbed Multiple Times Faces Difficult Recovery

A K-9 with the Green Bay Police Department was stabbed multiple times on Saturday night during a call about a man with a gun.

Florida Department Welcomes New K-9, Asks Residents to Name Her

The Bradenton (FL) Police Department recently introduced its newest member of the ranks, a 9-week-old Bloodhound puppy set to begin training in search and rescue operations.

How To Retire a Police K-9

Handlers and agencies should decide early on who will be taking on which costs and responsibilities for a dog retiring from law enforcement work.

Kentucky K-9 Dies of Sudden Illness

A K-9 with the Nicholasville (KY) Police Department died Friday from a sudden illness, the agency announced on Facebook.

Indiana K-9 Gets Body Armor Thanks to Kindness of Local Business Owner

The Shipshewana (IN) Police Department equips its officers—such as Officer Nick Byroad—with body armor, but did not have the resources available to do the same for Byroad's new K-9 partner, Yogi.