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Assaults on Officers

New Hampshire Woman Accused of Kicking, Spitting at Police Officer

A New Hampshire woman is accused of kicking and spitting at an officer with the Dover Police Department as he attempted to detain her following a report of domestic disturbance at a local bar.

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Video: Woman Slips Out of Cuffs, Violently Attacks Georgia Officer

Croswell allegedly asked the officer for help with her shoes, then tackled, punched, and bit the officer while slipping out of her handcuffs.

WA Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Suspects who Attack Officers while Resisting Arrest

The policy came to light when KTTH was tipped off to an incident, where a King County Sheriff’s deputy was kicked in the groin by a 20-year-old female suspect in tall leather boots. She was not charged with assault.

Utah School Officer Beaten with Wooden Plank

“(I) tried to pull him to the ground and as I grabbed his arm the other one had the 2X2 [4-foot board] in it and that’s when I got struck in the head. It hurt and after we wrestled I could see my face was bleeding,” said Officer Clark.

Englishman Who Bit Officer's Ear in 2018 Sentenced to 13 Years

The man—identified as 26-year-old Daniel Ward—attacked an officer in a Liverpool suburb as he was being arrested on suspicion of assault in connection to a robbery earlier in the year.

5 Colorado Teens Accused of Ambushing Officer with Chlorine Bomb

Officer Grahn and a civilian worked to clear the street when they were attacked with the chemical device. The gas reportedly caused the officer to lose consciousness.

Maryland Trooper Fatally Shoots Assailant who Stabbed Him

A law enforcement officer who was responding to reports of destruction of property was suddenly attacked and stabbed by an assailant on Monday morning.

Pennsylvania Woman Arrested for Allegedly Kicking Officer

The subject—identified as 33-year-old Marlene Cotto—is charged with aggravated and simple assault and resisting arrest.

"Pokémon Go" Player Punches Japanese Police Officer Over Interrupted Game

A 40-year-old man in Japan’s Matsuyama City was reportedly stopped for questioning by a police officer, thus interrupting his game of "Pokémon Go."

Ohio Sheriff's Sergeant Set on Fire Released from Hospital

The sergeant with the Portage County Sheriff's Office who was set on fire late last week has been released from the hospital.