Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and David Narkevicius Join TREXPO Advisory Board

TREXPO is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to its Advisory Board: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and David Narkevicius.

TREXPO is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to its Advisory Board: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and David Narkevicius.

These seasoned professionals bring invaluable experience and insight to the TREXPO advisory board and will assist the existing members in bringing the most pertinent information on law enforcement training and education to the two growing annual TREXPO events, TREXPO East and TREXPO West.

Lt. Col. Grossman is an Airborne Ranger infantry officer, and a prior-service sergeant and paratrooper, with a total of over 23 years experience in leading U.S. soldiers worldwide. He retired from the Army in February 1998 and has devoted himself full-time to teaching, writing, speaking, and research. Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker, and one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

“TREXPO presents an excellent opportunity to address the growth in terror and other attacks, to increase the awareness in the tactical response industry, and to train (elite) military and law enforcement organizations,” said Dave Grossman. “Their event is a unique combination of educational sessions and real-live environment training, together with a demonstration of the latest products.”

Dave Narkevicius is the founding member and a senior instructor with the Personal Security Institute (PSI), which is dedicated to the research and training of self defense skills and tactics. He has trained with numerous schools and institutes in pistol, shotgun, carbine, knife, self defense law, self defense mindset, and other personal defensive skill sets and tools. Narkevicius is certified as a Concealed Carry Pistol Instructor by SigArms Academy and a founding member of the Counter Carjacking Working Group and is currently serving as a Senior Staff Advisor in the Office Secretary of Defense.

“I look forward to contributing to TREXPO’s vision of offering the law enforcement tactical community, patrol officers, and private security and executive protection organizations the latest information and training necessary to perform their challenging missions,” said Narkevicius.

“Each of our new advisors has a background extremely relevant to our objective of enabling law enforcement to share the latest information and training experience quickly and completely. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and David Narkevicius bring deep understanding of military and special operations, and an exceptional knowledge of the needs of the law enforcement communities, and are known and respected internationally in these communities,” said Jim Stalnaker, TREXPO's advisory board member. “They are stellar additions to an already impressive group of advisors.”

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