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Digital Ally's Laser Ally LIDAR offers long range and battery life, as well as anti-jamming...
The DragonEye Speed LIDAR provides advanced target acquisition and range performance in a... Jamar Technologies introduced Bluetooth capability to its Radar Recorder, allowing officers to...
LTI's TruSpeed Sx laser with iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth syncs with a smartphone app to... The RadarSign Titan TC-400B is a battery powered radar speed sign that's lightweight and...

Speed Measurement Gear

The latest traffic enforcement products provide officers with advanced acquisition and durability. Photos courtesy of vendors.

The HK45CT is a compact, polymer-framed combat pistol with a Picatinny rail for accessories and...
Both the HK45 Compact and HK45 Compact Tactical are designed for rough duty with law enforcement...
Disassembly is easy with the HK45CT, and the pistol can be set up in one of nine variants.

HK45 Compact Tactical

Heckler & Koch's HK45 Compact Tactical (HK45CT) .45 ACP pistol is versatile, powerful, and reliable. Read Robert Parker's full "Arsenal" review of the pistol. Photos courtesy of Robert Parker.

Ford's E-250 van allows Toledo Police officers to arrest groups of disorderly people and...
This view of the passenger side with three doors open shows access into passenger compartment...
This view shows the front storage area and gun rack that can accommodate police AR-type rifles...

Ohio Agency's Ford Police Wagon

The Toledo (Ohio) Police Department has purchased seven Ford E-150 and five Ford E-250 vans to outfit for crime-scene investigations and special event response. The E-250 vans will be set up as police wagons to handle group arrests because of their larger size. View our gallery of one the agency's using for prisoner transport. Read the full story here. Photos courtesy of Toledo PD.

The frame of the new Glock 30S is from the 30SF and the slide is from the Slimline 36.
The pistol's frame is polymer and the slide is steel with a Tenifer finish.
The Glock 30S feels smaller than the 30SF, but still packs 10 rounds of .45 ACP.

Glock's 30S Pistol

Glock's 30S subcompact pistol is a .45-caliber hybrid of the company's Glock 30 and Glock 36 that offers a larger frame to accommodate 10-round capacity in a slim package. Read A.J. George's full "Arsenal" review of the firearm. Photos courtesy of Mark W. Clark.

Adamson Industries' HG2 Crossfire is an outward-facing tag bezel with an emergency lighting...
Brooking Industries' new FL-4OFIF flasher interface is designed specifically for the Ford...
Code 3's RX 2700 CC with MultiColor (MC) capability uses the latest PriZm II LED multicolor...

Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Update the exterior lighting of your agency's emergency vehicles with these accessories from six leading law enforcement suppliers. These lighting solutions offer easier integration into push bumpers for upfitters and greater versatility for patrol officers. Photos courtesy of vendors.

Gain wrist and arm control in anticipation of resistance.
Place arrestee into cuffing position.
Slowly lower arrestee to the ground under control.

Handling Passive Resisters

In an age of Occupiers, officers must gain control of passive resisters who refuse to leave a location, yet won't actively fight. Gain compliance with these five strategies that will help you gain wrist and arm control, place a subject in the arresting position, and use a control hold. For the full story, read "Passive Resister Response." Photos courtesy of Michael Schlosser.

Springfield's XD-S Pistol
Springfield's XD-S Pistol
Springfield's XD-S Pistol

Springfield's XD-S Pistol

Springfield Armory's XD-S sub-compact pistol in 9mm offers an excellent choice for a backup or off-duty gun. Read Nick Jacobellis' full "Arsenal" review of the firearm. Photos courtesy of Alex Landeen.

K-9 Vehicle Searches
K-9 Vehicle Searches
K-9 Vehicle Searches

K-9 Vehicle Searches

Two U.S. Supreme Court cases from Florida have clarified the use of police dogs by officers for search vehicles and private properties. Law enforcement appeared to score a victory in Florida v. Harris, in which the court validated a search that resulted in the discovery of narcotics in a vehicle. View our gallery of K-9 vehicle searches. Photos courtesy of Becki and John Johnston/