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Counterfeit Police Products
Counterfeit Police Products Counterfeit Police Products
Counterfeit Police Products Counterfeit Police Products

Counterfeit Police Products

A retired officer started The Counterfeit Report website to alert consumers about fake products and help law enforcement investigators spot these goods during investigations. View several examples of fake police products, and then read the full story here. Photos courtesy of Craig Crosby.

When you're facing a suspect as a lone officer, a rear leg sweep will help quickly gain control.
To initiate it, move forward and break the suspect's balance toward the rear. Take hold of the...
To bring the suspect to the ground, step through and start the leg sweep. Bring your right elbow...

Handcuffing Suspects: 3 Techniques

Too many officers try to handcuff a suspect while he or she is still fighting. Before you can handcuff a suspect, you must obtain control. Here are three techniques for when you're on your own (rear leg sweep), with a partner (rear takedown), or with a group of three or more officers (the swarm). Read our feature, "Closing the Gap," for the full story. Photos by Amaury Murgado.

POLICE Magazine reviewer Nick Jacobellis takes the SAR-21 out to the range for testing.
The SAR-21 (Tavor) is a compact bullpup rifle developed for the Israel Defense Forces.
The Tavor accepts standard M16/M4 magazines.

IWI's SAR-21 Rifle

Israel Weapon Industries' SAR-21 bullpup carbine is a versatile option for patrol or tactical operations. Read Nick Jacobellis' full "Arsenal" review of the firearm. Photos courtesy of Alex Landeen.

The 5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve is a mid-size folder that cuts like a big knife but is small...
HK Knives' latest tactical multi-tool is ready for the front lines with a wide array of...
Blackhawk's MOD Mark III Automatic Folder features a side-open automatic knife with enhanced...

Edged Tools: 2013

Guarantee having a handy implement at your fingertips with new knives and multi-tools for law enforcement. Here are 12 currently available tools from leading law enforcement suppliers. Photos courtesy of vendors.

Officer Craig Durling approaches the cab of a tractor-trailer to issue a citation and return the...
An overloaded truck can barely carry mattresses and a sofa.
A stake-bed truck creates an unsafe situation when transporting an oversized load.

Commercial Enforcement Violations

The two officers of the Torrance (Calif.) PD's Commercial Enforcement Unit mostly cite mid-size truckers for an array of violations including a truck with a 20-foot palm tree clipping electrical lines. View a gallery of some of the more unusual violations. Read the full story here. Photos courtesy of TPD.

The LAPD patrolled with this 1971 Plymouth Fury. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Museum.
The NYPD's 1938 Plymouth two-door radio car had a white nose, green hood, and white roof. Photo...
The Pasadena (Calif.) PD used an all-white 1968 Dodge Coronet with only the city seal on the...

Classic Chrysler Patrol Cars

Chrysler has been producing Plymouth or Dodge patrol cars since the early 1930s, and for many of those early years Plymouth turned out some special cars for police work. The earliest came when the Washington State Patrol began using a 1932 Plymouth 1932 PB coupe, according to Chrysler offered its first police package on 1956 Dodge Coronets. The 1970s brought the era of Mopar squads.

Lightweight and compact, the LC380 is designed specifically for concealed carry.
Ruger's new LC380 is built on a platform similar to the company's LC9.
The Ruger arrives with a seven-round magazine.

Ruger LC380 Subcompact Pistol

Ruger's LC380 offers a modified version of its LC9 9mm pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Read Paul Scarlata's full "Arsenal" review of the pistol. Photos by Paul Budde, Elaine Sandberg, and Becky Leavitt.

A procesion of some 800 vehicles heads toward High View Cemetery in Chaplin.
Officers with heads bowed prepare for the start of the memorial service.
Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin said Ellis "paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he...

Bardstown Police Memorial

Hundreds of law enforcement officers paid their respects to fallen Bardstown (Ky.) Police Officer Jason Ellis on May 30 during a memorial service. Officer Ellis' K-9, Figo, also paid his respects, keeping a vigil and resting his paw on the officer's casket. Read the full story here. Photos by Wales Hunter.