Painted in Blood

This episode of Coffee Break with Police Experts discusses the term "looting" in light of recent increases in organized retail crime and predictions on what's to come.

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Widespread bedlam centered around the looting of retail stores of everything from shaving cream to high-end luxury handbags has led to the senseless murder of an innocent human being.


On the day before Thanksgiving, Kevin Nishita—a retired police officer working as an armed security guard who was helping to protect a local television news crew reporting on the dramatic increase in violence associated with organized retail crime—was shot and later died from his injuries.


🚨 In this video, POLICE Magazine Contributor Doug Wyllie discusses:

  • The dramatic increase in violence associated with organized retail crime.
  • Arguments against calling organized retail crime "looting" (and some alternatives).
  • Results of a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) on the topic.
  • What fills the void left by the police who have been litigated out of effectiveness or legislated out of existence—a society looking a lot like a combination of Mad Max and The Purge.


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0:00 Protecting a News Crew – Honoring Kevin Nishita
1:58 Defining the Term “Looting”
3:50 Organized Retail Theft
5:10 Financial Impact of Retail Crime
6:20 Failing to Prosecute the Offenders
8:06 More Bloodshed to Come

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