Video: Prisoner Gets Loose, Conn. State Police Car Wrecks

A Connecticut State Trooper was transporting a prisoner when the man escaped his cuffs and allegedly caused the patrol car to wreck on a busy highway.

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VIDEO: Conn. Prisoner Slips Cuffs, Causes Wreck

A Connecticut state trooper from Troop K in Colchester was transporting prisoner Chad L. Nadeau, 24, of Andover, to the Hartford Correctional Center in the passenger seat of the State Police cruiser Friday when the prisoner freed himself from his handcuffs, according to State Police. Nadeau assaulted the state trooper driving the car and physically forced the vehicle to crash into the center median on the highway rendering the vehicle "inoperable," State Police said.

State police said the state trooper and Nadeau sustained minor injuries from the crash and that Nadeau was taken into custody and arrested.

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