Indiana Officer Shot, Killed by Man Wearing Body Armor

The Merrillville (Ind.) PD officer went to a home to help evict a man when the shooting occurred Friday night.

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WGNTV is reporting that Merrillville, Ind., police officer Nickolaus Schultz, 24, died Sunday at Christ Hospital on Sunday morning after he was shot in the head Friday night.

Shultz responded to a call of a man who had been evicted and had returned to his home. The Lake County coroner says that resident was 33-year-old Michael Hrnciar. He was evicted in July and when police showed up they say he was wearing body armor and there was an exchange of gunfire.
According to the Merrillville Police Department Officer Shultz succumbed to his wounds at 9:47 a.m.
Authorities told CBS Chicago that the suspect was wearing body armor and he shot officer Schultz in the head. The suspect may have pulled the wounded officer into the unit.

Other officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect and the SWAT team was called in, apparently to get to Officer Schultz. That is when the suspect was found dead. It is not clear whether he took his own life or was shot by a police officer.

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