Video: NYPD Officer Sings Backstreet Boys Over Patrol Car Speakers

Video of an NYPD officer belting out the Backstreet Boys classic "I Want it That Way" from his patrol car is delighting the internet.

An NYPD officer caught on camera belting out a Backstreet Boys classic from the driver's seat of his patrol car is delighting the internet.

Jordan Haskins spotted the officer singing "I Want it That Way" using the public address system of the car on Saturday in Manhattan, reports WPIX.

"The NYPD absolutely nailed it today," he wrote. "So cool to see the humanity in our law enforcement. A small thing like this can really give you some hope in such uncertain times."

Officer Richard Gunther found the video of himself on Instagram and thanked Haskins. "I'm So glad I can entertain everyone," he wrote. "Feels great interacting with the community and seeing all the smiles/laughs! You guys are the best!"

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