Third Video Surfaces of Suspects Dousing NYPD Officers With Water

A third video surfaced on Wednesday of individuals carrying buckets of water and dousing NYPD officers on the street.

A third video surfaced on Wednesday individuals carrying buckets of water dousing police officers on the street with water.

The video shows a large group of young people —one with a pre-teen in tow—approaching two female officers standing on a street corner in the Bronx and showering them with buckets of water.

According to the New York Post, the incident happened in the Bronx on Wednesday, two days after two similar videos went viral on social media.

In those incidents—one occurring in Harlem, the other in Brooklyn—brazen young men approached police officers conducting their patrol duties and threw buckets of water at them.

The three men—identified as Courtney Thompson, Isaiah Scott, and Chad Bowden—were arrested and face charges including disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal mischief, and obstructing government administration in connection with those two incidents.

Jerome Bolden—a community activist from Brooklyn—said that the water bucket attacks were "a little fun that went too far."

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