Sept. 11, 2001 Memorial

These officers died in the line of duty at the World Trade Center.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent Leonard Hatton

New York City Fire Department
Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca

New York City Police Department
Sgt. John Coughlin
Sgt. Michael Curtin
Officer John D'Allara
Officer Vincent Danz
Officer Jerome Dominguez
Officer Stephen Driscoll
Officer Mark Ellis
Officer Robert Fazio
Sgt. Rodney Gillis
Officer Ronald Kloepfer
Officer Thomas Langone
Officer James Leahy
Officer Brian McDonnell
Officer John Perry
Officer Glenn Pettit
Det. Claude Richards
Sgt. Timothy Roy
Officer Moira Smith
Officer Ramon Suarez
Officer Paul Talty
Officer Santos Valentin
Det. Joseph Vigiano
Officer Walter Weaver

New York State Office of Court Administration
Senior Court Officer Thomas Jurgens
Capt. William Harry Thompson
Senior Court Officer Mitchel Wallace

New York State Office of Tax Enforcement
Bureau Chief Charles Mills
Investigator Clyde Frazier Jr.
Investigator Richard Moore
Investigator Salvatore Pappaso
Asst. Dep. Commissioner
William Pohlmann

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department
Officer Christopher Amoroso
Officer Maurice Barry
Officer Liam Callahan
Lt. Robert Cirri
Officer Clinton Davis
Officer Donald Foreman
Officer Gregg Froehner
Officer Thomas Gorman
Officer Uhuru Houston
Officer George Howard
Officer Stephen Huczko
Inspector Anthony Infante Jr.
Officer Paul Jurgens
Sgt. Robert Kaulfers
Officer Paul Laszczynski
Officer David LeMagne
Officer John Lennon
Officer John Levi
Officer James Lynch
Capt. Kathy Mazza
Officer Donald McIntyre
Officer Walter McNeil
Director/Supt. of Police Fred Morrone
Officer Joseph Navas
Officer James Nelson
Officer Alfonse Niedermeyer
Officer James Parham
Officer Dominick Pezzulo
Officer Bruce Reynolds
Officer Antonio Rodrigues
Officer Richard Rodriguez
Chief James Romito
Officer John Skala
Officer Walwyn Stuart
Officer Kenneth Tietjen
Officer Nathaniel Webb
Officer Michael Wholey
K-9 Sirius

United States Secret Service
Master Special Officer Craig Miller

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