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Holsters and pouches give your tools security and protection.

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Holsters and pouches give your tools security and protection.

Aker International Leather Tourniquet Pouch (Photo: Aker)Aker International Leather Tourniquet Pouch (Photo: Aker)

Aker International Leather Tourniquet Pouch

Aker originally developed its leather 525 Tourniquet Pouch for the California Highway Patrol, but it's become popular with many agencies since its debut earlier this year. It meets uniform policy for carrying a tourniquet on duty when the department requires leather gear. This single tourniquet pouch is designed for duty wear and meets agency uniform policy for leather gear specifications. The Tourniquet Pouch is made in the USA from premium cowhide and solid brass snaps in chrome, brass, black, or hidden. Available in plain or basketweave, it fits CAT Gen 6 and Gen 7 tourniquets and slides onto duty belts up to 2.25 inches.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster (Photo; Alien Gear)Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster (Photo; Alien Gear)

Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

Alien Gear Holsters has added a modular shoulder holster to its growing ShapeShift Modular Holster System. The hybrid holster features three levels of retention, has adjustable cant, and anchors to the beltline. There are three configurations: one handgun and two spare magazines, two handguns, or four spare magazines. Its design includes premium English bridle leather with perforated CoolVent neoprene sewn beneath. Hidden elastic in the contoured straps allows the holster to move with the body.

Boston Leather Tourniquet Holder (Photo: Boston Leather)Boston Leather Tourniquet Holder (Photo: Boston Leather)

Boston Leather Tourniquet Holder

Boston Leather's new Tourniquet Holder fits both CAT and SOF tourniquets. The belt attachment fits up to a 2.25-inch duty belt. Available in black nylon or plain, Clarino, or basketweave black leather with black or silver hardware.

DeSantis Duty Raptor Holster (Photo: DeSantis)DeSantis Duty Raptor Holster (Photo: DeSantis)

DeSantis Duty Raptor Holster

The Duty Raptor light bearing holster is built to stand up to the rigors of law enforcement and military use. It will accommodate the Glock pistols with any one of several pistol lights attached. One interesting feature is that this holster will secure the Glock pistol with or without the light attached. This Duty Raptor is built from a combination of thermoformed Kydex and other glass reinforced polymers. It features a rotating hood and an adjustable tensioning device, giving it level II security. It can be fitted with any of DeSantis' Tap Out accessories.

Gladius Holsters Vest Holster (Photo: Gladius Holsters)Gladius Holsters Vest Holster (Photo: Gladius Holsters)

Gladius Holsters Vest Holster

The Gladius Vest Holster has several distinctive features. It can be mounted anywhere on the hook-and-loop material portion of a ballistics vest because the back of the holster is completely covered in hook and loop material (specifically the hook portion). The Vest Holster allows the weapon to be drawn upwards out of the holster or rocked out of the holster. This is because of the retention on the trigger guard. The trigger guard is open at the bottom to allow no interference to rock the weapon out. The retention of the weapon is in the material of the holster pushing against the front of the trigger guard and wrapping around it. The Gladius Vest Holster allows the weapon to be re-holstered due to the ridged form of the material. This is because the material keeps its shape and the holster won’t collapse.

Gould & Goodrich Narcan Holder (Photo: Gould & Goodrich)Gould & Goodrich Narcan Holder (Photo: Gould & Goodrich)

Gould & Goodrich Narcan Holder

Gould & Goodrich has introduced its Narcan holder. Narcan, an emergency treatment for known or suspected opioid overdoses, has become a staple with law enforcement agencies nationwide. The K455 is a formed case designed to accommodate one 4 mg Narcan nasal spray and two pair of surgical gloves. The case can be worn on belts up to 2.25 inches wide. The weather-resistant outer shell is formed to a polymer core to withstand the toughest daily wear.  Available in plain black, basket weave, and nylon, the K455 is offered with a nickel or brass snap. As with all Gould & Goodrich products, the K455 is made in the USA.

Peerless Model 730 Superlite Handcuff (Photo: Peerless)Peerless Model 730 Superlite Handcuff (Photo: Peerless)

Peerless Model 730 Superlite Handcuff

Weighing in at just 5.2 ounces, the Model 730 is near half the weight of a typical standard chain link handcuff. The Peerless Superlite is designed to meet the demands of law enforcement professionals while making the job a little easier. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. It also features steel swivels, steel chain links, and spun rivet construction. Available in either gray or black ceramic finish, the Model 730C Superlite is NIJ 0307.01 certified and made in the USA.

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