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Look for resources about new long guns, handguns and less-lethal tools. You’ll also read about blades and weapon accessories.

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SHOT Show 2014: More Impressions from Vegas

Retired officer and Police Magazine contributor Gerard Zlotkowski holds a new AK variant at SHOT...

Where else than an exhibition for hunting and law enforcement firearms are you going to see t-shirts asking, "Have You Hugged Your Colt Today?", exhorting you to "Buy A Gun—Annoy a Liberal,” or celebrating diversity in the form of a collage of Smith & Wessons, Glocks, and Kimbers? Hey, it gives me the warm fuzzies.

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Video: SHOT Show 2014—Glock's New .380

Video: SHOT Show 2014—Glock's New .380

Made to fit nicely on your ankle or in your pocket. The G42 is small, but it retains all the classic Glock controls and the feel of the Austrian gunmaker’s larger pistols. When you grab it, you’ll feel the ergonomics are pure Glock.

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Do Not Tweak Your Service Weapon

Photo of SIG P227: Paul Budde and Becky Leavitt

Most all departments have regulations regarding the modification of departmental issue/carry weapons. There are stories of weapons that failed to operate as designed due to poorly attempted modifications by the untrained and/or unskilled.

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Double-Action Semi-Auto Pistols Fall Out of Favor

Photo of Beretta 92F courtesy of Wikimedia.

At the present time, only a few agencies still issue Beretta or S&W double-action pistols. In view of the currently available semi-auto models from Glock, S&W, and Springfield, use of double-action pistols has become much more limited.

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Product Test: TatJacket's Sling Band-It

Photo by Austen George.

You may know the frustration of having your sling get caught up on something when you need to deploy quickly. I want to gather up the sling and secure it in a nice, neat bundle and deploy it efficiently. TatJacket's Sling Band-It solves this annoyance.