The widow of an El Monte police sergeant announced the filing Tuesday of a $25 million claim against Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón and other parties stemming from the ambush death of her husband and his partner in June.

Claimant Janine Paredes, the widow of Sgt. Michael Paredes, claims the cop killer should have been incarcerated at the time because of his prior criminal record. The claim she filed also names as respondents the county, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, and the county probation department, reports KFI AM. She alleges their actions resulted in the wrongful deaths and emotional distress.

Her husband and Officer Joseph Santana, 31, were ambushed and killed by Justin Flores when responding to a call at a motel on June 14.

"For reasons currently unknown and with overwhelming indifference, Justin Flores was allowed to continue his rampage of criminal violence against the unsuspecting people, including two dedicated police officers," says Mark Peacock, Janine Paredes' attorney.

Santana’s mother, Olga Garcia, has also alleged Gascón’s actions led to the officers’ deaths.

"Gascón's just letting all these criminals out and they just keep doing one crime after the other. And that guy should've been in jail, if he wouldn't have been out, my son and the other officer would still be here," Garcia said in June.