A Harris County (TX) Precinct 5 deputy constable is under investigation after a burglary victim's MacBook Pro was found at his home.

Nathan Kilcourse discovered his truck had been burglarized and his MacBook Pro was missing the morning of Oct. 29.

He called Constables and made a report, ABC13 reports.

Kilcourse then turned on the "Find My iPhone" app, hoping his laptop would ping it. It worked and he followed the signal to a residence.

There was a Precinct 5 patrol car parked out front of the home where his laptop had pinged. Kilcourse knocked at the door and Deputy Castillo answered.

He confirmed to Kilcourse that he investigated the car break-ins, but didn't have Kilcourse's laptop.

A short time later, Kilcourse says Castillo called him, claiming that he did a thorough search and found the laptop in the trunk of his patrol car. The laptop was later returned to Kilcourse by a supervisor.