The Milwaukee Police Association (MPA) filed a lawsuit Monday against the city asking it to “replace each and every issued Sig Sauer P320 with a safer firearm” after reports of multiple accidental discharges when the officers did not touch the trigger.

The lawsuit claims the city should have known about four such discharges, without a trigger pull, on the issued sidearm and “failed to take steps to ensure the safety of the officers, and the general public.”

The lawsuit follows the most recent incident that left a 41-year-old Milwaukee officer shot in the knee on Sept. 10, reports TMJ4.

According to the lawsuit, the city purchased the SIG Sauer P320 sidearm for Milwaukee police officers to use in 2019 and the city knew or should have known about the discharge and safety issues prior to purchasing the guns.

The lawsuit also details how on July 14, 2020, an officer's gun accidentally discharged while with a suspect. As a result, the officer was wounded in the leg.

Afterwards, a MPD sergeant broke down the officer's P320 and discovered a small piece of metal from the magazine release on the inside of the firearm being examined appeared to be missing when comparing it to a newer model P320. However, he reassembled the firearm and demonstrated it was in working order.  He also performed several drop tests to see if he could cause a simulated discharge. The gun did not discharge. He further looked into the P320 and discussed concerns with Sig Sauer.

The sergeant produced a report noting he had concerns with the P320 having a risk of accidental discharge. He recommended to a MPD captain that the department immediately find a replacement for the P320. That captain also said the department should replace the P320.

The lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee is asking for judgement that the plaintiffs are entitled to actual, compensatory, and punitive charges for injuries received. It also asks the court for a judgement that the city replace each and every P320.