The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police is demanding a black Cincinnati police officer suspended after using the n-word during an arrest be reinstated.

“If this idiotic decision isn’t reversed, the next vote the Cincinnati FOP takes will be one of no confidence in our interim chief,” said FOP President Dan Hils.

Detective Joehonny Reese and another officer were working an off-duty assignment at Energy Nightclub on Sept. 2, Local 12 reports.

Security at the bar was throwing out what Hils said was an underage, highly intoxicated white teenager. The teen was allegedly threatening the staff and the off-duty officer. When the officers asked him to leave, they said he shouted, threatened them and repeatedly called them "fake n-words".

Det. Reese told the teen that he wouldn't be an n-word, using the actual word.

“Police officers shouldn’t use racial slurs,” FOP President Dan Hils said. “But it is the absolute height of stupidity to suspend Detective Reese who kept his cool so well in the face of a drunk, white teenager screaming threats and repeatedly calling him and another black officer the n-word. The circumstance of every incident has to be considered and this idiotic decision from the department must be reversed. Detective Reese must be immediately reinstated immediately.”