Officer Olivia Bartulovic, of the Twinsburg Police Department (OH), recently was called upon to use her CPR training early in her shift to save someone. Then, later in the same shift, she did it again.

In the first instance, she responded to the report of an unresponsive male at an area business. She performed CPR until EMS arrived. She later heard from EMS that the patient was stable.

“I still had about 10 more hours left in my shift so I had to keep going, you put a smile on your face and just hope for the best,” Bartulovic tells 19NEWS.

Later, during that same shift, she was first on the scene to a report of a male who was unresponsive with his face turning blue. She immediately began CPR. After the man was turned over to EMS, he was later reported to have been talking.

Bartulovic steers credit away from herself and says other officers and EMS were a big part of saving both lives.

In the case of the second medical emergency, the man’s wife recognized Bartulovic.  She had been a school nurse and remembered Bartulovic from when she was in the seventh grade.