Today AT&T is introducing a more streamlined approach for first responders and their families to get the best of both worlds from the FirstNet public safety network and AT&T’s commercial network, resulting in significant savings for eligible customers through “FirstNet and Family.”

 Before, first responders and their families had to essentially be on two different plans – one provisioned through FirstNet for the first responder and one provisioned through AT&T for the family – resulting in two different accounts, two bills, and ultimately costing more.


Public safety gets mission-critical, always-on priority connectivity on FirstNet and now their family members can save 25% on eligible unlimited wireless plans on the AT&T commercial network – all on a single account. 

Why is this important? 

For those who dedicate their lives to serving their communities, many only see the badge, the firehose, or the stethoscope; but first responders are also moms and dads, husbands and wives, daughters and sons. As public safety’s partner, AT&T is ensuring they have the best customer experience for their entire household, while also delivering on the best connectivity required for their professional operations and familial commitments. With FirstNet and Family, getting the right kind of connectivity (whether a first responder on FirstNet or a family member on AT&T) is easier and more inclusive while helping take care of the family with significant savings.

Today, more than 21,800 agencies and organizations – accounting for 3.7 million connections – use FirstNet, Built with AT&T to stay mission-ready. AT&T reports significant growth in FirstNet because the public safety community recognizes commercial networks aren’t designed – and are not subject to the rigorous level of oversight and accountability by the federal government – to properly handle the specific and niche demands of first responders. They were built to meet the broad needs of the general population (the family). And that’s why public safety has FirstNet.

How is FirstNet better than commercial networks for first responders? 

FirstNet is the only network built with and for America’s first responders. Created following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, FirstNet is providing first responders with superior security, truly dedicated coverage and capacity when they need it, and unique benefits they can’t get anywhere else. It is the only network that gives first responders always-on priority and preemption every day, around the clock, no matter where in the U.S. the emergency is happening. With FirstNet, the public safety community never has to waste critical time dialing codes or asking for permissions. Because when seconds matter, you don’t have time to wait for network access.

What will service be like for my family?

AT&T’s mission is to be the best connectivity provider in America, whether you’re at home, work, or on the move. With three plan options under Unlimited Your Way, families can pick the perfect plan for each member on the account and get a 25% off discount. All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as AT&T 5G access and AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security – a free app to help you block spam calls and more.

AT&T 5G is fast, reliable, secure. Currently reaching more than 277 million people in more than 18,000 cities and towns in the U.S., AT&T continues to invest in expanding 5G to give families across the country unique experiences, faster speeds, and capacity to do more of the things they like.

How else can first responders and their families save? 

AT&T committed to delivering public safety the capabilities they need with the affordability they require:

  • New to FirstNet? Individual first responders can also get 50% off three months of FirstNet service when they purchase a new FirstNet Ready smartphone.
  • First responders and family members can also save big on the latest smartwatches: Buy Apple Watch and get Apple Watch SE on us; or buy an eligible Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series and get one free.
  • Time for an upgrade? Check out the latest FirstNet Ready device offers here.

What people are saying:

"It’s an honor to deliver FirstNet, the only network built with and for public safety. This vital work helping keep the brave people on the front lines connected in any emergency has also transformed our operations from communications provider into a true public safety company. And of course, our nation’s first responders also have family lives,” says Jeff McElfresh, AT&T chief operating officer. “So, we’re proud to offer them the convenience of FirstNet and Family, a single solution that delivers the best wireless experience for both their critical mission at work and loved ones at home.”

“The National Narcotics Officers Associations’ Coalition represents about 65,000 officers nationwide. And when our members stressed the need for a streamlined experience for managing their family’s wireless needs in conjunction with their service on the FirstNet network, we were able to work directly with the FirstNet team at AT&T to address these concerns. The care and engagement by the team reinforced that FirstNet is the best option for our officers, despite numerous offerings available to public safety, because it is truly built with first responders,” says Ron Brooks, executive director of the National Narcotics Officers Associations’ Coalition.

Where can I find more information? 

Members of the public safety community and their families can move to ‘FirstNet and Family’ by shopping at one of more than 5,000 AT&T retail stores or online. To learn more about the value FirstNet and Family is bringing to the public safety community, check out, and click here for more FirstNet news.