A proposed law passed by the Arizona Senate on Friday is awaiting the governor’s signature. It could ban people from filming officers without their permission unless they are at least 8 feet away, but its legality is in question.

House Bill 2319 was initially introduced by State Representative John Kavanagh, a former police officer, AZ Family reports. He says the bill would protect police officers and those recording.

“Now I have no problem with people video taping police activity, when they’re a reasonable distance away,” Kavanagh said. “This bill simply says you’re free to photograph police officers but if it’s a potentially dangerous situation, you simply have to stay back 8 feet. It’s a very reasonable bill, and only unreasonable people walk right into the middle of an arrest encounter. It’s dangerous for everybody.”

However, some don’t agree with the bill and says it infringes on the public’s rights. “Members of the public have a First Amendment right to video police in public places and what this tries to do is discourage people from doing that,” said Constitutional Attorney Dan Barr.