Phoenix Police used the Grappler Police Bumper, a device that snags the rear wheel of a fleeing vehicle, to end a vehicle pursuit Friday. 

According to court documents, officers responded around 2:30 p.m. for reports of a man who was passed out behind the wheel of a car that was running, Fox 10 reports.

Once at the scene, officers "observed a male passed out in the vehicle as well as a knife and handgun in the vehicle within reach," court documents read.

When the man woke up, he rammed his car back and forth into the police cars and was eventually able to drive off, police said. Officers did not pursue the car, but a police helicopter was used to keep surveillance on the car, while detectives from Phoenix Police's tactical support bureau responded.

"The vehicle was eventually grappled and stopped near 48th Street and the I-10," police said in a statement.

The Grappler Police Bumper works by using a heavy-duty nylon net that can be lowered from the front of the pursuing police vehicle with the touch of a button to snag the rear tire of the suspect vehicle, wrapping around the axle. Within a few seconds, the vehicle comes to a controlled stop without the officer having to force a collision.