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The National Fraternal Order of Police has issued a statement criticizing a Biden federal judge nominee over a statement that police fatally shoot unarmed black men "every day" that she made during an appearance at Princeton University.

At a hearing before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary this week, Nusrat Jahan Choudhury was asked if she believed that “cops kill unarmed Black men in America every single day”—a statement she made while participating as a panelist at Princeton. She did not deny making the claim and stated that she made the statement in her “role as an advocate” to make a “rhetorical point,” FOP said.

"I was shocked that she unapologetically embraced this comment," National FOP President Patrick Yoes said in a statement.

"Her statement was false," Yoes said.  "She knew it then and knows it now.  She said it with malice aforethought and in so doing buttressed the increased public bias against law enforcement officers and contributed to the barrage of false and hateful rhetoric that inspires others to violence. She has helped to erode the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect by proudly misrepresenting the facts and has, in our view, disqualified herself from serving on the Federal bench."

Yoes said he was calling on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary to reject her nomination.