The Phoenix Police Department released video from the body camera of the first officer ambushed in the recent shooting that injured nine officers February 11. The officer responded to the home after a 911 caller reported a woman had been shot.

The video shows the officer approaching the home and the suspect encouraging him to “Come on, come on.”

“She’s choking on her own blood. Come on, bro,” the suspect is heard saying on video.

The officer asked who was in the house and the suspect replied that he was alone.

The suspect is shown standing in an open doorway, with the right side of his body facing outward. As the officer approaches, the suspect turns quickly revealing he is holding a handgun in his left hand and immediately fires multiple shots at the officer.

The officer was unable to return fire because of severe injuries to his right arm, however he immediately ran to safety.

Four additional officers were shot and four more were wounded by shrapnel in the standoff that followed the ambush of the initial officer. The initial responding officer sustained the most severe gunshot injuries of any of the five that were shot, according to Sgt. Andy Williams, of the Phoenix Police Department Public Affairs Bureau.

The gunman was later found deceased inside the home when a SWAT team entered.

All officers who were shot have now been released from the hospital and are recovering at home, the police department said in a social media post earlier this week.