Chicago police appear to be bracing for demonstrations and riots following a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, according to the city’s largest police union.

The Chicago Police Department canceled regularly scheduled days off starting Friday and through the weekend. An internal memo sent to rank and file officers does not mention the Rittenhouse trial, WGN reports.

The FOP accuses the city of violating a mediation settlement by failing to provide notice to officers before canceling their days off.

Rittenhouse is being tried in Kenosha, WI, (about 60 miles from Chicago) for shooting and killing two men and shooting and wounding another man during riots and demonstrations in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

A procedural misstep by prosecutors during Rittenhouse's testimony Wednesday led to a defense motion for a mistrial. The judge did not immediately rule on the motion.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Thomas Binger asked Rittenhouse about whether it was appropriate to use deadly force to protect property. The prosecutor also posed questions about Rittenhouse’s silence after his arrest.

At that, the jury was ushered out of the room, and Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder loudly and angrily accused Binger of pursuing an improper line of questioning and trying to introduce testimony that the judge earlier said he was inclined to prohibit, Politico/AP reports.