A Dayton, OH, police was shot on the side of his head Tuesday evening while contacting a man suspected of passing a counterfeit bill.

Officer Thadeu Holloway is expected to recover. He returned fire and seriously wounded the suspect, Antwyane Lowe, 39. Lowe is in stable condition, WHIO reports.

Officer contacted Lowe at 7:24 p.m. He attempted to stop Lowe, but a scuffle ensued.

Holloway used his taser on Lowe, which brought Lowe to the ground. Lowe retrieved a handgun and fired one shot, which struck Holloway on the side of his head, hitting his temporal artery, Chief Matt Carper said.

Holloway was loaded into another officer’s cruiser and taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he was in stable condition Wednesday afternoon.

“We got very lucky last night,” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said. “When I got that text across my phone yesterday evening that is very concerning, but we’re very lucky that it was just a graze.”