The National Police Association has created a public service announcement informing the public on the dangers of not complying with police orders.

The PSA campaign, titled "Comply Now, Complain Later," urges the public to comply with police orders in order to assist in the reduction of officer use-of-force incidents, the Post Millennial reports.

"The message of this PSA is asking the public to help police by not escalating, not attacking, not fleeing and not trying to disarm an officer. Whether it is getting asked a question, getting a citation or getting arrested, don't confront, don't resist, and don't flee," a news release from the NPA states.

"If someone feels they have been improperly treated by an officer the time to seek a legal resolution is after the encounter has concluded," NPA adds.

NPA Spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.) says, "This PSA will inform citizens on how resisting arrest, fleeing, and attempting to disarm a police officer places both the police officer and the member of the public in danger and poses a preventable risk for all concerned."