According to a police report obtained by Nashville's News4, Metro Police were given a tip in late 2019 that Anthony Warner, the man named as the Nashville bomber, was building bombs in his RV on his property.

According to police, a call from Raymond Throckmorton, an attorney for Warner, stated that Warner's girlfriend had made suicidal remarks to Throckmorton over the telephone on August 21, 2019.

When officers arrived to the residence of Warner's girlfriend, Throckmorton identified himself as a representative of Warner and said his client has frequently spoken about the military and bomb making.

Throckmorton made officers aware that Warner knows what he is doing and is capable of making a bomb.

On the same morning, officers visited the home of Warner in the 100 block of Bakertown Lane where they were unsuccessful in making contact with Warner.

After several attempts, police made no contact and left the residence and passed along information to the FBI to check their database and determine whether Warner had any prior military connections. 

Due to the lack of evidence relating to any crime, no additional action was taken.