Core Survival has introduced the Hel-Star 6 LE Tactical, a tactical light designed specifically for law enforcement tactical operations.

The multi-function Hel-Star 6 LE Tactical light provides omni-directional visibility in overt and IR settings.

It can be used to identify operational personnel, drones, and K-9s, as well as mark a support position. The versatile nature of Hel-Star 6 LE Tactical allows team tracking by air or ground, increasing situational awareness.

The compact design includes integrated tie downs and intuitive switches that give positive confirmation between modes.

The Hel-Star 6 LE Tactical is waterproof to 130 feet, dustproof, and shock and vibration resistant.

Four functions are available in two operating modes with the current settings:

* Green flash

* Red flash

* IR flash Dim

* IR Steady

Field programming is available with the purchase of a Program Interface Module (PIM).

For more information, go to https://coresurvival.com/law-enforcement-tactical-lighting/