Canadian authorities report that the man who killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Constable Heidi Stevenson, bought the retired patrol used in the attack at a 2019 auction.

The killer, Gabriel Wortman, was dressed in a police uniform and drove the former police vehicle as he rampaged across the area during the 13-hour attack that started on April 18 and ended April 19.

RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell Campbell told reporters the 51-year-old Halifax-based denturist outfitted the vehicle with an emergency light bar and decals that made the late-model Ford Taurus look almost identical to a genuine RCMP vehicle. The killer owned four retired patrol vehicles and was reportedly a collector of police uniforms, memorabilia, and gear.

Officials say that nine of Wortman's victims died in the fires that he set and 13 died of gunshot wounds, Reuters reports. Wortman was killed by police.

Wortman's rampage reportedly began when he assaulted his girlfriend. She survived by running away and hiding in the woods while Wortman shot his neighbors and burned their homes before driving away to continue killing people he did not know. No motive is known for the attack.  

Campbell said the shooter had several semi-automatic handguns and two semi-automatic rifles.