The Charleston (SC) Police Department announced on social media that it will change the way they interact with some members of the community to minimize officers' exposure to COVID-19 (also known as the coronavirus).

The agency said on Twitter that it is "instituting an Alternative Call for Service Plan in an attempt to limit the number of contacts for its employees amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Until further notice, officers may respond to complaints of nonviolent incidents that have occurred in the past with a telephone call to the complainant. Incident reports can still be written and follow-up investigations, when necessary, will still occur."

Officers likely to come into contact with someone with coronavirus have been issued a kit with gloves, a face mask, and hand sanitizer. Their guidelines specify that officers should be cautious when approaching people and keep at least six feet of distance unless wearing an anti-bacterial mask. They also note that they encourage their officers to stay home when they're sick.

The press release posted on Twitter concluded, "As always, the Charleston Police Department will continue to ensure the safety of our community through proactive patrol and rapid response to in-progress criminal activity. Stay safe (and healthy), Charleston!"