A former officer with the Phoenix Police Department said on a local radio show that civilian oversight of Phoenix police was potentially dangerous and could create even more conflict in the community.

On KTAR Radio, Joe Clure—executive director of the Arizona Police Association—said, "If it's implemented where you have folks that are simply antipolice who are sitting on these boards and doing these investigations, I think you’re going to have absolute chaos and every move a police officer makes will be even more politicized."

Earlier this week, the City Council approved a proposal to staff a Community Review Board and an Office of Accountability and Transparency.

Clure questioned the level of expertise in policing that such a body would have, and whether or not individuals untrained in police policies and procedures would adversely impact police services in the long term.

"What kind of training are these folks going to have that are going to sit in these investigations?" Clure said.