An inmate at a Florida jail is facing additional felony charges after his assault on a deputy was caught on camera.

The Hillsborough County (FL) Sheriff's Office said one of its deputies was conducting his normal duties Tuesday morning when he was punched in the face by 38-year-old inmate Michler Gabriel, reports KGET.

The sheriff's office said as the deputy and Gabriel were attempting to exit a jail pod, Gabriel refused to back away from the pod doors as they were being opened. The sheriff's office said as the deputy attempted to stop Gabriel from walking through the door, Gabriel punched the deputy in the face, then struck him multiple times as he fell backward onto a wall.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

The deputy was transported to Tampa General Hospital for treatment. The sheriff's office said he is suffering from bruising, swelling, and lacerations.

After Tuesday's incident, Gabriel is now facing felony charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and battery by a detained person.