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One year ago this month, decorated mixed martial artist Conor McGregor launched a new Irish Whiskey company dubbed Proper No. 12. On the occasion of the company's anniversary, the fighter said on social media that the company has donated $1 million to first responder charities.

McGregor said on social media, "When we started this business, something very important to me was to give back. For every case we sell, my company donates $5 up to 1 million dollars per year to first responders. I am very proud to announce that we have already hit the 1 million dollar mark! This is all thanks to you! Our fans! Thank you all!"

McGregor said that beginning next year the company will begin donating to first responder organizations.

"My team is vetting it all out now to be sure it goes into the proper hands," McGregor said. "Thank you all for the support! Sláinte!"