Hundreds of protesters took over the streets of Downtown Brooklyn Friday night, voicing their displeasure with the NYPD and the MTA over a crackdown on people jumping subway turnstiles and refusing to pay their fares, reports News 12 Brooklyn.

People chanting, "No justice, no peace!" filled main avenues Friday evening, starting just after 5 p.m. and marching by Barclays Center before eventually breaking up before 10 p.m. The march came several days after a video emerged on social media showing police officers fighting with teenagers inside city subway stations.

A video shows 19-year-old Adrian Napier in a subway car, and police on the platform pointing their guns at him through the window of the train car, reports NBC New York. Police then enter the car and arrest Napier, who they say they thought was holding a firearm. He was later charged with theft of services.

The protesters eventually ended up at the NYPD Transit District at Hoyt-Scermerhorn where some of the officers involved in the viral scuffle with teenagers were based, so protesters could let them know how they felt, reports News 12 Brooklyn.

There were some acts of vandalism reported, with several walls and police cars spray painted over and at least one window shattered.