The chief of police for the Louisville (KY) Police Department has apologized for comments he made last week that drew widespread criticism.

According to the Courier-Journal, during a recent city council meeting Chief Steve Conrad was asked if officer morale was his responsibility.

He said no, it isn't.

Conrad said that "morale is set by each person individually."

Conrad said further, "Our sergeants have more impact on the morale of our patrol officers, because they're the ones that say yes or no when people want to take a vacation day. They're the ones that are assigning people to details. They're the ones that are assigning different cars to the officers that don't have cars assigned yet."

The comments sparked outrage among rank-and-file officers and drew criticism from some on the city council.

Councilman James Peden said it was the single worst leadership comment he'd ever heard.

Councilman Kevin Kramer said, "To have the chief of police sit in this council chambers and say that the morale problem that we have in this police department is on the shoulders of our sergeants? I have to say, guys, gals, those of you out there on the streets everyday doing the real work: My heart goes out to you."