The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department has announced on social media that it will increase patrols in neighborhoods of residents who are temporarily away on vacation.

The agency said on Facebook, "Planning a Summer Vacation? Concerned about leaving your house unoccupied? Request extra patrol!"

The post continued, "We invite all City Residents to sign up for our Vacation Watch Program. By simply filling out our online form we will be notified of all the necessary details of your vacation. This information will be shared with our patrolman for extra patrol as time permits."

The agency also offered some addition tips for residents leaving their homes for an extended period of time, such as setting interior and exterior lights on timers, secure valuables, ensuring that all doors and windows are locked, and having mail and newspaper delivery stopped.

Wisely, they also said in the post, "Do not tip off criminals by posting your location or photos of your vacation while you are gone."