A South Carolina deputy's body camera shows him saving the life of a 12-day-old baby who couldn't breathe.

On June 11, Berkeley County Deputy W. Kimbro pulled over a speeding car, and he quickly realized it was an emergency, reports WSOC.

The frantic driver told him that the baby in the car, Riley, had stopped breathing after drinking a bottle.

In the video, the baby appears limp as she struggles for air, and begins turning blue.

Kimbro laid the child on her mother's lap and searched for a pulse, then began tapping on her chest to clear her airway and massaging her heart.

"Come on baby, cry for me. Cry for me," the deputy says in the video. "Come on, open those eyes sweetheart."

Kimbro kept it up until the baby started to cry, signaling she was breathing. He then stayed with the family, checking the baby's breathing until paramedics arrived.

The Berkeley County (SC) Sheriff's Office, which awarded Kimbro a life-saving medal for his heroic actions, said the baby is alive and healthy.