- Image courtesy of Kilgore PD / Facebook. 


Image courtesy of Kilgore PD / Facebook. 

An officer with the Kilgore (TX) Police Department was dispatched over the weekend on an animal control call of an aggressive Pitbull.

Upon arriving at the scene and locating the animal, he attempted to put the dog in the back seat of his squad car but the animal had other ideas, instead taking up residence in the front seat of the vehicle.

The agency posted on Facebook, "Cujo decided he wasn't going to jail and instead jumped into the front seat. As the Officer tried to get him out of the front drivers seat, Cujo became aggressive.

The vehicle's door was shut to prevent injury to the dog or Officer. The Officer's car had been hijacked!!!" Cujo reportedly enjoyed the officer's beef jerky and the cool of the running AC.

The officer soon got a text message from Chief Todd Hunter, who had been listening in on radio traffic about the call.

The chief said, "Moments later the Officer texted me a picture of the situation, which I've included. I texted back that the dog didn't look happy. The Officer texted with this statement, 'He ain't, and neither am I'."

Animal control soon arrived and the dog was safely taken into custody.

The dog is reportedly safe and happy at a local animal rescue.