147 Robotics has unveiled its new Mamba Tactical Robot. Building upon its expertise, the company has built the Mamba from the ground up to help augment the capabilities of law enforcement. Sporting its signature black color, the Mamba robotic system allows law enforcement personnel to be on-site of an incident, deploy and control a robotics platform in seconds. According to the company, Mamba can be controlled from a safe distance away and it can integrate seamlessly into existing robotic systems. The company says the unit can provide coverage for cents-on-the-dollar when compared to existing robotic platforms.

Features of the Mamba include a gripping claw on a manipulator arm able to lift objects up to 8 lbs. and a less lethal deployment system allowing personnel to grow the distance between themselves and a threat. Law enforcement can use the Mamba robot to inspect multiple incidents, conduct EOD operations, and allow communication remotely with subjects of interest. The Mamba robot operates using a rugged, 6-wheel-drive all-terrain chassis with multiple mounting points for different accessories.

This robotic system also allows for open source attachments to be added on in the future for different operations. The Mamba will also come equipped standard with its own color camera and LED light for enhanced visibility and reconnaissance abilities.

For more information, visit www.147robotics.com.