An officer with the Oklahoma City (OK) Police Department who was responding to a noise complaint due to an individual playing drums in front of a dwelling decided to show the neighborhood that he's not too bad sitting behind the drum kit.

The agency said on Facebook, "Last Friday, our officers were called to a loud noise complaint in south OKC. When they got there, they found a man set up playing drums. Officer Nate Ross was the first to arrive. He chatted with the man, explaining that they had been called there because someone was complaining that the music was too loud. Little did anyone know that Officer Ross used to play the drums back in the day. Someone happened to capture Ross sitting down, showing them how it was done."

When asked about this call, Officer Ross said, "I firmly believe that the success of our department, in part, is about our interactions with citizens. I could have gone over there, talking down to them, telling them it was too loud and they needed to turn it down...but this was a lot more gave me a chance to interact with the people I serve. I got some hugs and handshakes at the end of it all, then they turned it down and left."